Outpatient Services

The department was one of first established department in the modern history of St. Walburg's Nyangao Hospital. Previously Casualty Department underwent major transformation which resulted into the two units hot and cold clinics being upgraded and transformed into Emergency Medicine Department (EMD) and Outpatient Services Department (OPSD) respectively.

Inpatient Services

Initiative to reduce maternal deaths included; renovation of labour ward, continuous on job training, recruit gynaecologist in order to improve care of pregnant mothers and newborn babies. The unit is keen to improve knowledge and skills of its health care providers through experience sharing with centres showing best practices within and outside our country.

Pharmacy Services

Pharmacy Department of St. Walburg's Nyangao Hospital provides high quality pharmaceutical care services to both inpatients and outpatients attending the hospital. Pharmacy department has the obligation to ensure that most essential medicines are available through effective and cost effective supply chain management.

Surgical Services

Among hospitals in Lindi and Mtwara regions the hospital offers most of specialized operations in areas of general surgery, orthopaedics, urology, complicated abdominal trauma, paediatric surgeries, ENT and is practically acting as a referral hospital for the above mentioned specializations.


Partnership with the Government

The Government of Tanzania through public private partnership (PPP) continued to emphasize on quality of health care delivery with compliances on standards. The Government continues to support human resources, financial resources through health basket fund, capacity building, medicines and medical supplies. Also, provided mentorship on laboratory quality improvement and regular supportive supervision.

New Intern doctors arrived

The Missionary Benedictine Sisters (MBS) supported the construction and furnishing of self-contained 10 rooms Interns doctors’ hostel which was completed in August 2020. This enabled the hospital to request intern doctors from the Tanganyika medical council for a one-year internship who are paid living allowance by the Government. Missionary Benedictine Sisters continued to support costs of medical care services to the poor and the vulnerable groups including children and pregnant women. Also, MBS supported improvement and renovation of infrastructures.

Hospital Management Information system (HMIS)

The hospital is striving to acquire the health management information systems which will enhance the proper resource utilization, reduce Turn Around Time for patients. The connection of reliable internet services by Tanzania Telecommunication company Ltd through National Fibre Network was done, supported by the Government for health information networking i.e DHIS 2. Installation of health management system was not accomplished in 2020 due to Covid-19 pandemic. Either, materials for LAN and ICT equipment’s were bought and delivered to the hospital by Artemed Stiftung.