Artemed Projects

  • - Proffessional Development

    Professional Development From 2018 ARTEMED is supporting staff members with sponsorships.Sponsorships cover the school fees and boarding costs staff have to make while following their education. Sponsorships untill today trained a Nurse Tutor to become a bachelor of Nursing, a Medical Doctor to become specialised in Gynaecology & Obstetrics. Just started is also a Medical Doctor following specialist training for Internal Medicine.

  • - I.T and Electricity

    From 2018 the hospital is in discussion with ARTEMED to realize our biggest project untill now, the renovation and implementation of IT infrastructure and electrical stabilization. In 2019 the agreement was signed and in 2020 the first preprations were made. Due to Corona this project was delayed, but is planned to be realised in 2021.

  • - Research

    Since 2019 our hospital started to initiate a research project on Stimulate to Simulate, which focusses on continious simulation training for staff on labour ward and NICU. Training focusses on medical skills and other skills vital to good healht care delivery. ARTEMED funded the employment of a research assistant.

  • - Hygiene Project, Renovation of Major Theatre, Support in small training initiatives for staff


PMM Projects

  • - Orthopedic Program

    One of the most important part of the current project is our Memorandum of Understanding with Muhumbili Orthopedic Institute. This memorandum implies that trooughout the year orthopedic surgeons visit our hospital for a short period to treat and operate patients. Before patients in need for orthopedic treatment had to go to Dar es Salaam for treatment, which implied huge cost for transport and staying. With this part of the program orthepedic treatment is made accessible for the local population of Lindi and Mtwara regions.

  • - Traineeships

    Trought the project of Polish Medical Mission the hospital is able to offer traineeships for one or two months to doctors and nurses working in surrounding facilities. By following a traineeship in our hospital they gain experience, knowledge and skills they can use when going back to their own facilities. In this way health care delivery is improved not only in our hospital, but also in surrounding facilities.

  • - Equipment and Builiding

    From 2017 already PMM is involved in funding and supporting the hospital first in renovation of buildings and later by purchasing a lot of equipment for Surgery and Gynaecology & Obstetrics department.

  • - Outreach & Social work, Seminars for doctors and nurses, Histopathological examination


SES Projects

  • - Pharmacy

    Once or twice a year the hospital is visited by a SES expert in the field of pharmacy to strenghten the pharmacy department of our hospital, but also of two other health facilities in Mnero and Kipatimu (owned by Diocese of Lindi). Part of the visit is also organising and facilitation of a two-day seminar for pharmacy involved staff members of surrounding healht facilities.

  • - Sewage

    Once a year the hospital is supported by the visit of a Sewage system expert to improve, repair and advice on our sewage system

  • - Others

Other Projects

  • - Basket Fund

  • - CSSC

  • - Boresha Afya

  • - Action Medeor

  • - MSD