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The Hospital Need for Mortuary Fridges

  • The hospital had never have this facility before, and with the current changes of heath quality aspects (standards ) and the disease burdens of outbreaks , risks of spreading infections to health care workers and even the dead body handlers, it is highly recommended to have this facility at the hospital . With our set up at least a one which can accommodate 2 bodies at time could be sufficient.

  • The estimated costs for a fridge with capacity of handling 2 bodies is around Euro 16000, this includes, transport from Dar es Salaam, Installation and user training and renovation of the mortuary building as per the standards.


Diagnostic equipment

Our hospital has an old X-ray machine, which has been donated in by our partners from Germany. It is an old model and - as time is passing – has more and more problems. In the past this machine enabled the hospital to conduct countless numbers of X-rays, which empowered our doctors to make an accurate analysis to diagnose and to treat our patients in the best way possible. The presence of the X-ray machine benefited both our patients and our staff. Because of the importance of this machine to our staff and patients, every time the system had (regular) problems maintenance and repair was done. Due to more and more regular problems, this is leading to high maintenance and running cost.


Health care waste management

The hospital is producing hazardous and non-hazardous waste which require proper handling and disposal as per required standards. The hospital is looking for a modern incinerator which can process at least 200 kg/h. To achieve this the hospital needs to purchasing modern Incinerator, Personal Protective Equipment and staff training on Bio-safety and Bio-security.